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Who we are and what we have done

Bill Grant, Principal, AllGo Analytics

Bill Grant, Principal, AllGo Analytics

Who we are and what we do

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William John Grant (Bill), Principal, AllGo Analytics Limited .

AllGo Analytics Ltd has been established to focus on delivery of applied analytics for clients to help manage the challenges and risks they face, to truly realise the value inherent in their own data (including enhancement by linking to publicly available data sets), and to gain business and market insights in a balanced and cost-effective manner.

I have over 20 years of experience in these fields in finance and government, crossing organisational boundaries and linking the perspectives of front-line business and head office support functions and bringing excellent interpersonal skills, and a strong record in presenting to and influencing senior management.

Proven problem-solving skills together with a continuing theme of implementation and successful operation of progressively more sophisticated techniques, tailored to the needs and capabilities of the organizations I have worked with.

What we have worked on

Business and Market Benchmarking and Rule Generation

Using behavioural data to introduce predictive methods for customer management.

Customer Analysis and Scoring

For a major govt. agency to gain insights into customer actions and performance.

Survey Analysis and Visualisation

Work on extracting key survey messages from results and presenting them in a value-added fashion for easy comprehension and action. Identifying significance of differences between responses to different sections of a survey and creation of word clouds and sentiment measures for non-numeric (comment) responses.

Survey Response analysis

Statistical review of response rates and representative-ness and, in a separate assignment, scoring and classification of survey responses, creation of predictive model.

Data Analysis (café business)

Trading data analysis for a food service business, highlighting seasonal changes in product mix, impacts of staffing changes and providing a review of the opportunities available from linking daily transaction data to payments details to gain greater insight into customer ordering preferences and who your key/frequent customers may be.

Industry Analysis

A series of reports, focusing on likely major future changes.

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

Utilizing Monte Carlo simulation to provide insight on project components and costs, for major project detailed business case resulting in multi-dimensional, holistic project cost prediction.

Risk Management and Customer Analytics

Providing expert advice on technically complex operational and compliance risks. Risk scoring framework for customer compliance developed and implemented. Risk culture research and promotion together with issue analysis and development of risk training.


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