Risk Management

A full range of risk management services and advice, pitched at the level you want it.

As simple or as complicated as you need – making the transition from thinking of what can go wrong to how we can make things go right.

Ensuring risk processes and systems are right-sized for your needs.

Risk Management

Management through the risk life-cycle from identification, and through to assessment, mitigation, reporting and review, then on to assurance requirements.

ICT risk management

Project and operational expertise in privacy and security issues through to system security certification and accreditation.

A track record in managing the business -IT-business relationship, building credibility across organisational divides.

Risk analysis, analytics and reporting

Risk calculation and measurement. This work ranges from simple counts through to the use of statistical models and analysis engines with an emphasis on visual output for understanding and action – no black boxes but actionable business information. Reporting for value-add and practicality and then through to looking ahead and forecasting.

Risk Training

Plain language, common sense delivery of training that works to help make risk management part of your usual business activities and not a compliance-driven add-on.

Applied Analytics

All around you is the steady drumbeat about analytics and the unlocking of value in every business' data. Analytics provides the actionable numbers for you to manage and grow your business. Ignoring the value of your own data means you will be operating blind.

You need to work your data

Your own data contains the answers to critical questions concerning your business and we want to help answer them:
 • How do my customers behave?
• Which ones are similar?
• Which ones are different?
• How are they trending over time?
• What quality is my data? How might I improve it?
• What don't I know about my customers?
It doesn't have to be hard!

You don't need huge or complex (or expensive) tools, nor something custom-built from the ground up – you just need to start.

But how? Generally, the biggest roadblock for businesses of any size wanting to release the value in their data is finding expertise - we have that and will build yours up too!

Put your data to good use!

Use market research and marketing analytics to answer the What, Where, and How Much for your business now and in the future.


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